Midlife can be a time of significant changes. It's worth knowing that it is also a stage of adult development.


Because of the type and number of changes that tend to happen in midlife, it hasn't got the best reputation. People are often quite worried about reaching midlife because they hear so many negative stories.


Coaching can help you navigate these changes by using and building on the skills that you already have. I will support and encourage you to use those skills so that you can enjoy your midlife!

Midlife brings with it:

  • Emotional, physical, social changes

  • These changes may be anticipated, or completely unexpected.

Here are a few examples taken from research about midlife:

  • a feeling of wanting 'more'

  • noticing/worsening health problems

  • loss of parents, spouse, child, friends

  • children leaving home

  • parents needing more help/support

  • career changes

    • promotion​

    • redundancy

    • early retirement

    • entrepreneurship

  • searching for a different type of community​

  • developing new interests

  • feeling ready for a change

  • nostalgia for how things used to be

  • planning for the future


Let me tell you why... You have had years of practice at living, at problem solving, at dealing with changes.


These are simply different changes. They might feel bigger, but I promise...


you've got this!