Midlife is a time of great transition. It affects every aspect of life. We can custom design and deliver sessions that will look at topics such as:

  • What is the difference between change and transition and why is that important?

  • What do YOU as an employer need to do to support your employees in times of transition? Let's look at your policies and see how you can improve diversity and inclusivity.

  • What do your employees need to know in order to manage midlife transitions? How can they support those going through midlife change and transition?

With 1in 6 Canadian women, (approx 2.7 million), estimated to  reach menopause over the next decade, this is an issue that cannot be ignored. Going through perimenopause, with all the associated mental and physical symptoms that can be experienced is a huge transition. Let's face it menopause hasn't been known as "The Change" for nothing!


Menopause is a fact of life - for women and their families, partners and sometimes co-workers. Everybody loves or at least knows a woman, who is experiencing menopausal symptoms, has been through menopause, or who is post-menopausal. 

For this reason alone, it's helpful for everyone to understand perimenopause and menopause. The symptoms of perimenopause can have a BIG impact on employees - on their physical, mental and emotional health. They can also impact those around them. No woman be expected to 'just deal with it'.


  • Think policy - As an organization what do you need to know about perimenopause symptoms and how they may affect women in the workplace? 

  • How can you support your female emplyees as they transition through perimenopause and menopause?

  • Learn how and why these are KEY midlife transitions for women.

We will customize training to fit YOUR needs and come to your office to deliver high quality, interactive, and fun training.

Lunch and learns / full day / half day sessions available.

Training is open to women and men of all ages.

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