Midlife & Retirement Transitions

Do you have employees who are:

  • heading towards retirement? 

  • in midlife and are managing multiple priorities in their home life as well as in the workplace?

We can support your employees by providing seminars which will discuss:

  • the differences between change and transitions

  • the social, cognitive, emotional, behavioural aspects of transitions

  • different ways to navigate transitions  

  • looking at past experiences and how they impact everyday life

  • the importance of self-care for everybody

Sue will work with you to ensure that the seminar is built around your organization's needs, is interactive, fun and a psychologically safe space for learning. All attendees will be supplied with handouts for their reference.

Costs are dependent on: number of attendees, length of seminar

(2 or 3 hours, half and full day available).

 Please contact us for pricing & to book your seminar.

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