Dandelion seeds and midlife

What do they have in common? 

Midlife may have crept up on you, in the same way that those dandelions on your lawn crept up on you. One day it was 'perfect' and the next, covered with bright yellow dandelions, and then a few days later, fluffy white seed heads. Midlife can be a bit like that!

One day you realise that something is different, your face doesn't look like it matches the way that you feel inside, you feel like something is missing... You're experiencing a transition to a different stage of life and it might take a while to adapt and feel the benefits! It doesn't mean that you are in the throes of a midlife crisis.

Remember that dandelion seeds get blown away so that they can form new plants. In midlife, we often 'blow away' bits of our life that are not serving us well. This is because we change as we grown older and develop, we gain experience, we understand what we are willing to accept. And what we need to let blow away. As the bright yellow of the dandelion changes to fluffy seed heads that blow away so that plants continue to grow, we continue to grow. We are no less beautiful, just in a different place from before. 

Change & Thrive specialises in midlife transitions, helping you to understand what they are, and how to navigate them in the best way for you. Let's change the negative perceptions around midlife and make it a time for you to Change & Thrive!

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