Midlife and perimenopause. How they are bringing me the gifts of support and friendship

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

I woke up this morning and it felt bad. Really bad. I felt old, angry, tearful, fearful. Llike I didn't really know what I was doing or why I was doing it. Then I reached out to my friends on Twitter and I felt better. A bit better. Well, actually a lot better because they reminded me that I'm not alone. They sent hugs, shared information, imparted wisdom and made me laugh.

Midlife is a time of great change and transition. Sometimes we look back at what has gone before, other times we look to the future. We forget that we live in the present. What is going on now? In this minute? Today? I think that perimenopause forces you to live in the present - hot flash/flush, itching, tears about spilling a drop of tea, All of these things are hard to deal with in the moment.

But, we do it. We help each other through it, because we know how bad some days can be! We also know that we all go through it differently, but that sharing experiences and knowledge can be beneficial. And there are good days - when the world is your oyster and you feel like you can tackle anything or anyone!

Midlife and perimenopause have shown me how strong we are when we support each other. How strong we are when we don't knock each other down. How much better it is when we don't let our own insecurity, fears and problems drive us to deliberately hurt others with words and actions.

So my friends, fellow #menoteers, #menovists #menopeers #women #midlifers #strongwomen - today I send you love, strength, laughs and hugs. And the reminder that - You are not alone, even though it can feel like that. Support and friendship are invaluable. Women in midlife and perimenopause are a huge worldwide demographic. So remember - WE'VE GOT YOU - wherever you are!

Listen in

and hear Alicya, Deb and I chat about friendships in midlife. These two wonderful ladies are absolute gifts to me, as we navigate our midlife experiences together!


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Read Taming Crazy: Confessions and Lessons A True Story for the Worried, the Fearful, and the Anxious! by Alicya Perreault

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