Support to let go

Sometimes we need support in order to let go - physically and mentally. This is a concept that I hadn't considered until a yoga class a few months ago. After a couple of years hunched over a laptop finishing my MSc, I decided that I should start taking care of myself. So I got myself a yoga pass.

In one of these classes, our very lovely yoga teacher spoke about how important it is to use supports to be in a correct and comfortable position. Using supports in yoga enables us to do what we may not be able to achieve otherwise. Chatting afterwards, we discussed how our community of support is just that - they are our support to make sure we get through the tough times. Our network of support are the way in which we achieve those stretches we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

yoga blocks and strap in a basket
Yoga supports

If leaning into the discomfort of change is too much on your own - seek help. Go to your network of support. Keep making your community bigger so that you have lots of support. Engage professionals as needed. Use support to let go - and to achieve what you didn’t think was possible.

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