The unexpected similarities between Calgary weather & perimenopausal mood swings.

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Picture the scene. It's a Saturday in late April, in a rural area just south of Calgary, AB. There is a currently a blizzard blowing. The police are saying don't travel unless you have to and flights are being cancelled.

When we first arrived in Canada - I was well prepared for winter (I thought). It was -30 for a few weeks, but I just couldn't wrap my head around the bright blue sunny skies. I soon learnt that the adage "wait five minutes" has never been more true than when talking about the weather here. It really doesn't matter what the season is, it can change drastically in a matter of minutes.

Like today. We have had: rain, sun, cloud, and now snow and gusts of wind.

What's my point about mood swings? Well - that's how I'm finding my moods now that I'm perimenopausal.They kind of creep up on you... One minute everything is fine and dandy, I'm feeling all sunny and radiant, the next - I'm angry as all hell and blustering with the best of them. Not to mention the hot flush/flashes which bring me right down. I'm pretty sure that I wasn't this moody as a teenager!

I know that I'm hormonal - that everything is in flux as my estrogen and progesterone are out of whack. I also know that this is likely to last for a long time.

So - how am I coping with it all? How does any woman manage all this, on top of their everyday life?

Here's what I'm doing to help myself:

- I exercise - yoga helps me stretch, balance and focus. It gives me time to fully be present.

- I build my network of support. That way I know I'm not going through this on my own. I've found a phenomenal network on Twitter (look for #perimenopause, #menopause, #midlife #midlifewomen

- I'm kind to myself. I'm going through a huge transition - I need to cut myself some slack when I turn from sunny to stormy for no apparent reason.

- I focus on the positive. It won't last for ever and I can get great help when I need it.

- I'm seeking out good information. Not randomly googling, but actively looking for evidence informed information so that I can discuss my symptoms and needs with my doctor. I'm also going to be sharing this on my site.

Like this winter storm, perimenopause won't last forever and neither will the moods. In the meantime, I'm going to pour myself another glass of wine and relax until it passes.

Sue x

REfection of sky in large, tree lined pond
Sunny April evening

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